Friday, October 24, 2014 Base: 0   New Snow: 0   Man-made snow(Last 24 hrs.): 0  
2014-2015 Season Pass Rates

- Save 10% if purchased by 10/31........$518
Save 5% if purchased by 11/30........$546
Full Rate if purchased on/after 12/1..$575

Office Hours the week of October 20th: -
M,Tues,10-3 - - TH & F 1-8pm Sat10-2 & Sun 11-2 -
Fax: 248-625-3017
Call: 248-625-0801 x 3
Mail: 7778 Sashabaw Rd Clarkston, MI 48348

Pine Knob* Ski Swap 2014

Drop Off: Thurs Oct23rd 5-9pm & Fri Oct. 24th 1-9pm

You bring your equipment, clothing, helmet… and the ski patrol will give you a tag to label them with a price. (They will give you an idea what similar equipment has been priced). Your tag is bar-coded and you are given a receipt for the items. You are also given a time to return on Sunday to pick up your items if they didn’t sell or your check if they did.

- Sale: Sat Oct 25th 9am-4pm & Sun Oct 26th 10am-1pm

Cash & Checks only. 20% of sale donated to Pine Knob Ski Patrol 6% sales tax to State of MI

All equipment not picked up at the designated time will become the property of the ski patrol & will be sold or donated.

*Pine Knob Ski Resort, Inc. donates the space for the ski swap. They are in no way responsible for the handling of your items. Please direct all inquiries to the patrol.

Pine Knob Snowline: (800) 642-7669  Office:(248) 625-0800   7778 Sashabaw Road Clarkston MI 48348
Slope & Terrain Park Status
Key:         Easiest            More difficult            Dfficult            Most difficult            Terrain Park
Timberline Sorry, closed. spacer
Pinery Sorry, closed. spacer
Snowbird Sorry, closed. spacer
The Wall Sorry, closed. spacer
Shaboom Sorry, closed. spacer
Bumper Sorry, closed. spacer
Phase 1 Sorry, closed. spacer
Mansion Run Sorry, closed. spacer
Landslide Sorry, closed. spacer
Lower Cedar Bowl Sorry, closed. spacer
Upper Cedar Bowl Sorry, closed. spacer
Crisis Sorry, closed. spacer
Quicksilver Sorry, closed. spacer
Intrepid Sorry, closed. spacer
Tamarack Sorry, closed. spacer
Bristlecone Sorry, closed. spacer
Seedling Sorry, closed. spacer
 Please click here for Terrain Park status
 PLEASE NOTE: Lifts operate as needed based on number of skiers on the hill.

Chair 1 Sorry, closed.
Chair 2 Sorry, closed.
Chair 3 Sorry, closed.
Chair 4 Sorry, closed.
Chair 5 Sorry, closed.
Chair 6 Sorry, closed.
 Tow Ropes and WonderCarpets:
Tow Rope 1 Sorry, closed.
Tow Rope 2 Sorry, closed.
Tow Rope 3 Sorry, closed.
Tow Rope 4 Sorry, closed.
 WonderCarpet 1 Sorry, closed.
 WonderCarpet 2 Sorry, closed.